6th Floor – Spiral Staircase E.P. [COSM007]

6th Floor – Spiral Staircase EP (cosm007ep) is once again keeping it real with four genuine psy-gems. From the realms beyond everyday-trance they are promising to sneak into the playlists of adept DJs and mature listeners alike.

Opened with the deeply atmospheric fullon peyote-exotica of “Mariachi” the EP is immediately sheathing the listener in cosm records’ hallmark vibe of timeless drifter trance. Highly anticipated and praised on the web this deep and dusty desert ride through the lands of cacti and tumbleweed is a beast of a tune. A flickering amalgam of polymorphic flamenco grooves, quantum guitars and vocal passion spurred by the fiery force of 6th Floor’s uncompromising bass, pushing acidgrooves and banging beat.

Succeeding with the hypnotically technoid “Reality Cult” the EP further gathers pace while sustaining the vibe. The glitchy circuit bending and wobbling rubber-mood pushed forward by timeless retrofuturism – predesignate this sonic lightpipe surf to bleep it’s way forward into even the most remote corners of the global dancegrid. Fresh and cosmically nostalgic at the same time this journey through topsy-turvy space-time is dedicated to all worshippers of the myth of reality – you’re really missing something!

The subsequent audiodelic voyage “Magick” enchants with lulling dream-scenes getting pierced by mystical atmospheres and epic acidworlds collapsing into aural fluff. Liberated from the typical darkpsy stress and hectic – this is psychosonic sorcery dense with depth and feel.

Rounding off the EP is “Hermetica’s Space-Tech Dub Rework” of 6th Floors’ yet unreleased “Nachash”. Bubbling and foaming – this slow-groover cushions the connoisseur on a chilldance journey to the serpent message within.