V.A. – Fractalism [COSM004]

After cosm records’ excursions into urban psy – with the various artists compilation Kaleidoskopolis (cosm003cd) – we are keen to finally unleash the next beautifully packaged psychosonic extravaganza.
This time directly aimed at the dancefloor cosm’s eclectic hallmark psy sound is a welcome alternative to the faceless copy-paste productions flooding the global trancefloors of today. With the focus on atmosphere and colour rather than drastic overkill and shredder – cosm records has managed to come up with another extraordinary blend from the labels’ unique approach to psy.
Fractalism is opened with the quirky epic Waves And Ripples, by the 6th Floor and Paraphone collaboration Electric Sheep. Their twisted trademark amalgam of mood, push and groove conducts to Paraphone’s sunshine trancefloor hymn O.A.S.. A huge summer trancer shoving your bum forward to a big sunny but eventually subtly self- deconstructing climax. Ones’n’Zeros deeply progressive Above and Below follows up in a modernistically reduced fullon vibe. Driving bassgrooves and joyfully sprinkling melodies encounter profound deepness on steroids. Ari Miller’s hugely atmospheric fullon blaster Open Your Mind will ecactly do what it sais – impressively playing the tension-release game over a forcefully pumping bassline, colliding with epic moods and intricate rhythms. Staying true to his vision of dancable movie scores 6th Floor’s deeply flowing groover Grey Goo is meandering through a whole forest of different moods and sceneries. After a nosedive through acidic clouds of mercurial madness, your flight is taken to a balmy crystal flowstone cave. TMC’s funky sparkler Quefrenzy stirs your mind with it’s thumping groove, intricate elements and twisted far-out vibe. Following is the compilations’ second contribution from cosm’s figurehead duo Electric Sheep – Monsterwelle is glitchy bleeptrance gone dancefloor – a huge grainfunk smasher dedicated to mindboggle the global dancefloors. Strawberry Fields – traditionally purveyors of chilled out soundcapes – this time went for Tthexbtighifleoroer ianngdehbaevne woven an epic mindbender in cinematic orchestration. The futuristic space-opera Forever is an intensely atmospheric voyage through timeless realms of dancefloor psychedelia. Ending with Hermetica’s ambientesque Mycosphere the compilation is rounded off with a subtly chaotic abstract floater – slowly bringing you back to your initial point of abduction.