V.A. – Kaleidoskopolis [COSM003]

After great response for our first two silverlings – the compilation debut cosmology (cosm001CD) and the highly acclaimed grin-inducer groovescapes (cosm002CD) we are back with yet another sonic antidote to the dull and colourless state of affairs in psytrance. Staying true to our vison of passionate psytrance with heart, mind and soul – v.a. – kaleidoskopolis (cosm003CD) … excursions in psychedelic urbanism delves deeply in the urban aspects of psy. Technoid psychedelia meet breaks and club – featuring cosm records’ unique artists like Electric Sheep, 6th Floor, Oddsono, Paraphone or Strawberry Fields with another exquisite contribution from extraworldly masterminds Spirallianz – twisted urban coolness for the timely trancer.
Opening the compilation, Electric Sheep deliver the huge Machine, with it’s highly hallucinogenic atmospheric dancerealms – a beast of a tune, followed by Metabreed’s psybreaks monster Metabreak and 6th Floor’s glitchy graintrance madness Dawn Of A New Error. Oddsono’s timelessly atmospheric psybreaks floater Moody, leads to Paraphonix gargling techtrance groover Daze 2 Be. Following is the Sunburned & Paranoid collaboration Golden Strings by Oliver Twist and Oddsono – sundrenched electro-prog at it’s best. Paraphone’s snotty club-psy groover Born To Live guarantees to further move your bum to the extraworldly masterpiece Isn’t by trance veterans Spirallianz. Closing with their atmospheric full-off chiller Beyond The Cat Flap Strawberry Fields contribute danceable chilltech for the sonic gourmet.