[DE] psychedelic techhouse

Oli undertook his first musical steps as a drummer in a punk band in the late eighties and became enthusiastic about electronic music and it’s medium the vinyl record it the early nineties. But it was not until he visited his first goa-trance parties in the middle of the decade that he was finally infected by the vibrant atmosphere of the culture.

It did not take long and he spent all of his money on records and started spinning on many of the local parties of that time. In the late nineties he teamed up with Phil for their famous dj-duo and started to become more and more involved in the organisation of parties and festivals in northern germany. Having founded the project “Tool” with Thomas Wilmering in 2000 he was finally able to play his own tunes at numerous clubs, festivals, parties and radioshows across most of europe.
Working as dj and a&r for ov-silence, he had a dj residency at the psytrance parties in the “Traxx” as well as in Hamburg’s famous “Juice Club” for four years –  where he later continued organising the events.
Still in the early half of the decade Oli’s sound as a dj became deeper and more club oriented and moved gradually to playing more of the progressive branches of trance and house since. In 2006 he co-founded cosm records and is currently tweaking in the studio again for his solo-project “Oliver Twist” and “Tool” with Tomac.

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