[DE] deep psy & tech

As a child Dennis Lessentin recorded the latest music with a modified tapedeck directly from the tv. The Fisher Price construction-kit was the next level – syncronizing a lamp to music with an empty papercup, batteries and wires connected to the speaker membrane.

A little later, interested in his father’s commodore 128 d he wanted to figure out how to program sounds in programming language basic…. noisy stuff like friendly 20Hz presents for the whole neighbourhood were the order of the day. In his teenage days his main musical influences came from bands like Bomb The Bass, Public Enemy, Run DMC and later from early trance music. The first 12″ record he bought was the low spirit 001 around 89, later it was the urban sound of bands like NWA and De La Soul that had a huge impact on his love and life for music. Heavy into speedy punk and rockmusic around the mid- nineties, he was fascinated by the fast and noisy nightimes and slowly lost his heart to goatrance (how it was mainly referred to back then) music and culture. Starting with a Roland MC 303 bought in hamburg’s rainy march 1998, he met benni with his first piece of equipment – an MPC2000 – on a party in nothern germany and they quickly became close friends. Wired to a a dj-mixer, they bundled the machines and started playing their first live performances,… it did not take long until the first computer was finally sequencing their music. Having moved to the artist collective Wendenstrasse the following year with his mates Peer and Oli. Peer and him set out to finally hook up their machines to tweak some psy-tunes together in peer’s 6th floor under that same name. After producing two succesfull releases together (as Sixth Floor) on both vinyl and cd, Dennis concentrated on his solo project oddsono, while peer, among many other projects, continues his 6th Floor saga – but the two are in the studio again, so be thrilled of their upcoming collaboration Metabreed. Teaming up with Benni Paraphone as audiotope, another duo promises to deliver some killer tunes in the future. With his fresh and pristine productions and his keen sense of deep atmosphere, there is a lot to be expected from him in the time to come. Malcontent with the current state of the psytrance culture and music – Dennis, Oli, Benni and Peer furthermore realised what had been cooking in their heads for a while already and founded cosm records in summer 2006.

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