[DE] psychedelic electronica

Midimiliz are Arne Schaffhausen and Wayan Rabe, both coming from the Hamburg rural area. Having been two of they key figures of early german psytrance, they evolved into global superstars with their trademark “Elmshorn-Sound” of atmospheric phatness and can now look back on a long and exquisite history of productions.

Arne has been a DJ with his then partner Marco as Spiralkinda DJ Team since the earliest nineties and it was no other than VooV Festival Organiser and Spirit Zone founder Antaro that chucked Wayan into the cold water by forcing him to take over the decks of a party with the words: “You spin now !” – faint heated objections of teenage Wayan were fortunately ignored. Mentored by psytrance overlords Jan & Marcus aka X-Dream the auspicious rise of the two friends quickly began focus on collaborations together. Innumerable gigs and releases followed worldwide under various project names like “Midimiliz”, “Spiralallianz” or “The Delta” and “Downhill” with Marcus Maichel. Peaking in their most recent project “Extrawelt” that has been signed to Sven Väth’s “Cocoon” and James Holden’s “Border Community” to name a few, they are the global electronic hotshots of the times.

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