[DE/CH] deep & epic psy

Known for its creative blend of deep atmospheres and driving power, his music reminds of danceable stories freed from the boundaries of the conventional fool-on formulas – playing with them at the same time.


Born in the swiss alps, he grew up in Hamburg and spent a good portion of his childhood listening to his mothers huge record collection. Gaining eclectic musical influences as diverse as jazz, blues, early hiphop or classical music, avantgarde and hippie-stuff he quickly became aware of the importance of music for his life.After playing the violin for some years and the usual teenage attempts in a traditional rock band he had a first encounter with a friend’s MS-20 hooked up to a Space Delay which started his obsession for synthesised sounds. His affinity to transcendental music and mind states surfaced very early and quickly paved the way for letting the whole boom-boom and entheogenics thing enter his early adolescent life.But it was not after graduating from school that he was finally able to acquire the basic tools and skills for electronic music production. Temporarily studying cognitive sciences in Osnabrück, he felt an inner urge to plunge deeper into the realms of music and decided to go on the long and complex way to make his passion his profession. Selling studio gear in the local studio store and doing numerous small studio jobs around the city, he gained experience in the different technologies and techniques of music production and composition.Delving further into the music industry he completed a traineeship as AV-media clerk, gathering competence in event-, label- and artist management for both the underground and the mainstream music industry alike. Looking back on an intimate personal relationship with more than fifteen years of electrosonic art Peer is currently studying musicology in Hamburg and managing cosm records.
Apart from his solo psy works as 6th Floor and his psy chill solo Hermetica he collaborates with various artists on a number of different projects in diverse styles – amongst them the psy oriented acts Electric Sheep with Paraphone, Metabreed with Oddsono, the psy-breaks oriented Digipack with Tomac or the downbeat duo Strawberry Fields with Andrew Arrow.



from label: COSM RECORDS SHOP | from artist: 6TH FLOOR