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  • V.A. – The Elements: Water EP [COSM009]

    The first in a compilation ep series dedicated to the four primal elements. Starting out with a sonic homage to arguably our planet’s most important one: water. We have gathered our artist core 6th Floor, Electric Sheep, Paraphone and Hermetica to weave their magical sonic tapestry - worshipping the basic element of life ... READ MORE

  • V.A. – Boulevard Of Broken Drums [COSM008]

    Drawing from the whole spectrum of psychedelic dance and beyond - Boulevard of Broken Drums features a futuristic fusion of banging psybreaks, spicy trancefunk and quirky dubstep - while staying true to the colorfully atmospheric cosm records trademark sound.... READ MORE

  • 6th Floor – Spiral Staircase E.P. [COSM007]

    6th Floor – Spiral Staircase EP (cosm007ep) is once again keeping it real with four genuine psy-gems. From the realms beyond everyday-trance they are promising to sneak into the playlists of adept DJs and mature listeners alike. Opened with the deeply atmospheric fullon peyote-exotica of “Mariachi” the EP ... READ MORE

  • Paraphone – Plastic Voltage E.P. [COSM006]

    The second in the series of three digital ep releases from cosm records: Paraphone – Plastic Voltage EP (cosm006ep) features four psytrance smashers from one of our label heads, core artists and half of Electric Sheep. Starting out with the uncompromisingly crisp groove of Mindfeelings the EP is opened with a colorsto... READ MORE

  • Electric Sheep – Android Dreams E.P. [COSM005]

    The first in a series of three digital EPs features the collaboration of cosm records’ label heads and core artists Paraphone and 6th Floor: Electric Sheep – Android Dreams EP (cosm005ep) is packed with four psytrance smashers in the famously manifold cosm records’ style. Opened with the dreamy sunshine ps... READ MORE

  • V.A. – Fractalism [COSM004]

    After cosm records’ excursions into urban psy – with the various artists compilation Kaleidoskopolis (cosm003cd) – we are keen to finally unleash the next beautifully packaged psychosonic extravaganza. This time directly aimed at the dancefloor cosm’s eclectic hallmark psy sound is a welcome alternat... READ MORE

  • V.A. – Kaleidoskopolis [COSM003]

    After great response for our first two silverlings – the compilation debut cosmology (cosm001CD) and the highly acclaimed grin-inducer groovescapes (cosm002CD) we are back with yet another sonic antidote to the dull and colourless state of affairs in psytrance. Staying true to our vison of passionate psytrance with heart,... READ MORE

  • V.A. – Groovescapes [COSM002]

    After their highly acclaimed compilation debut cosmology (cosm001CD) hamburg based cosm records haul off for the next big strike. Staying true to their vison of passionate psytrance with heart, mind and soul – groovescapes (cosm002CD) explores the lysergeous realms of atmosphere and deepness – so often ignored by the ma... READ MORE

  • V.A. – Cosmology [COSM001]

    From the continental bedrock of european psytrance – cosm records proudly presents their long awaited first various artist compilation. Entitled cosmology, it delivers ten fresh and unique tunes from diverse branches of the fractalesque psychelectric culture and blends them into a contemporary cyberdelic circus that b... READ MORE


[DE/CH] deep & epic psy
Known for its creative blend of deep atmospheres and driving power, his music reminds of danceable stories freed from the boundaries of the conventional fool-on formulas – playing with them at the same time.



[DE] epic psy
paraphone is the solo-project of benjamin klages from hamburg.
dj, tweaker and one of the heads behind the fresh and blooming psy-label cosm records.



[DE/CH] colourful psy & psybreaks
electric sheep is the auspicious collaboration of benjamin klages aka paraphone and peer schmid aka 6th floor – two of the heads behind hamburg/germany based psy-label cosm records.



[DE] psybreaks & metatrance
Updating the global psy-scene with his cutting-edge hybrid of futuristic trancefunk, pushing spacebreaks and chunky psycrunch, Metabreed is the harbinger of the new breed from the realms beyond copy-cat full-on.



[DE] psychedelic chill & slow psy
” seeing within myself an immaterial vision, i went out of myself into an immortal body, and now i am not what I was before. i have been born in mind! ”



[UK] psychedelic
Tomac releases psy-trance music since 2000, both, as a solo project and as Tool with Oliver Twist. Recently he started the psy-breaks project Digipack with 6th Floor, which debuts on cosm records` cosmology compilation. Tomac`s first musical act- ivities can be traced back to a young age starting to play the violin in his childhood.



[UK] psychedelic chill & more

Strawberry Fields is the psychedelic downtempo project of Peer Schmid aka 6th Floor – head honcho of Cosm Records – and Andreas Pfeil (from C.O.N.Sequencer fame). They met and quickly befriended at the local studio equipment store, where they worked together selling the tools they dreamed of while finding new common musical ground everyday. READ MORE


[UK/DE] epic psybreaks
Digipack is the psyDM project by longtime friends, psychedelic connoisseurs and former flatmates Thomas (aka tmc-aka-tomac ) and Peer (aka 6thfloor and head of cosmrecords ) based in London/UK and Hamburg/GER.



[DE] epic psy
Audiotope are long-time friends benjamin klages & matthias cohrs aka paraphonix and dennis lessentin aka oddsono -original core artists and founders of cosm rec. teamed up to interweave their talents, their first collaborations promise to cause a stir on the international dancefloors of clubs and open-airs alike.



[DE] epic psy

Hamburg based ones’n’zeros are old friends Matthias Cohrs and Peer Schmid aka 6th Floor – one of the heads of cosm rec. Striving to conquer new realms of hallucinogenic groovescapes, the hypnotic depth and mellow floatiness of their music is a most welcome groovy alternation from the current state of full-on-affairs.



[DE] psychedelic electronica
Midimiliz are Arne Schaffhausen and Wayan Rabe, both coming from the Hamburg rural area. Having been two of they key figures of early german psytrance, they evolved into global superstars with their trademark “Elmshorn-Sound” of atmospheric phatness and can now look back on a long and exquisite history of productions.



[DE] deep psy & tech

As a child Dennis Lessentin recorded the latest music with a modified tapedeck directly from the tv. The Fisher Price construction-kit was the next level – syncronizing a lamp to music with an empty papercup, batteries and wires connected to the speaker membrane.



[DE] extraworldly techtrance
Spirallianz are Arne Schaffhausen and Wayan Rabe, both coming from the Hamburg rural area. Having been two of they key figures of early german psytrance, they evolved into global superstars with their trademark “Elmshorn-Sound” of atmospheric phatness and can now look back on a long and exquisite history of productions.



[DE] psychedelic techhouse
Oli undertook his first musical steps as a drummer in a punk band in the late eighties and became enthusiastic about electronic music and it’s medium the vinyl record it the early nineties. But it was not until he visited his first goa-trance parties in the middle of the decade that he was finally infected by the vibrant atmosphere of the culture.



[DE] full-on psy
Paraphonix are long-time friends Benjamin Klages & Matthias Cohrs – now continuing their legacy  under their Audiotope moniker. Currently in the studio again, we are looking forward to more of their deep, but uplifting and forthright blend of progressive mellowness and psychedelic energy in pristine phatness.



[GR] full-on psy
Shining with approximately 40.000 times the luminosity of the Sun, Rigel is the brightest star in our local region of the Milky Way and the eponym of greek psy-prodigy Rigel aka Vasilis Bekropoulos from Patras who joined our crew on the ark for preserving the variety in psytrance.



[IL/USA] pushing fullon psy
In addition to this day job at Waves Audio Ltd. (creator of digital sound and music software) as internal Mac QA tester and coordinator of all Mac beta testing Ari spends a lot of time producing banging psytrance music.His style is a fresh amalgam of the global psychedelic full-on and Europe`s minimal progressive sound, combining the best aspects of both aural worlds



[DE] progressive psy
Sunburned & Paranoid is the collaboration project of friends from childhood days and former room-mates Oddsono and Oliver Twist. Their hailed debut “Golden Strings” on cosm records’ V.A. – Kaleidoskopolis has caused massive groove-eruptions on innoumerous dancefloors.


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